Balloon School

Make Money Making Balloon Animals?

Twist Balloons Like a Pro…

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make money making balloon animals?
You can make $15-25/hr right away working for tips and working for yourself!

Hello, I am Joe Montella. I created a DVD called Balloon School many years ago with Penguin and have had many people over the years make a lot of money twisting balloons at festivals, restaurants, at birthday parties and even just on the street.
This DVD will take you from never touching a balloon in your life to becoming a pro in one DVD. It also teaches you to sell yourself and will even give you an opportunity to work with our national entertainment company.

If you look around online you will find this DVD for $40.00 and up just for the DVD alone…

However, we have a deal for you!

  • You get the DVD
  • A bag of balloons
  • A pump
  • A marker
  • An apron to hold your balloons
  • And a Tip button to encourage tips

All for $50.00!

You will also get to email Joe anytime with any question about balloon twisting or the business of twisting balloons and entertainment.

Once you learn the basic nine balloons and send us a picture of you twisting, you are eligible to audition to work with us. We book all types of entertainers around the country and are limitless in our ability. To work with us you do have to pass a background check and you also will have to meet certain criteria.

If you would like to purchase this balloon twisting program you can contact us at or call our store at (602)548-8667

These aren’t your grandpa’s balloon poodles.

We’re talking about FULL-ON works of art that make people want to hire you and pay you to “twist”! If you love performing–and you’re ready to get paid for it–take a lesson from one of the most successful balloon sculptors in the business, Joe Montella!
Grab some 260Qs and your personality, Balloon School is in session!

Balloon School is excellent for any performer, teacher, dentist, preacher, salesperson, parent, grandparent, uncle, big brother, big sister (the little ones too), magician, manager, presenter, boyfriend, girlfriend, scientist, doctor, pediatrician, or clown… anyone!
Get ready! School’s in session!

Who Needs Balloon School?

Hobbyists who love making beautiful art for people

Practically everyone loves balloon sculptures. This is one of the only arts in the world that takes so little time to master and gives so much! If you like making people smile, get Balloon School!

Working Professional Magicians

Balloon twisting is perfect for the professional working magician who’s looking to add extra value to their services. Get paid (a helluva lot) more after learning just the basic nine! Imagine doubling your current fees!

Balloon Artists looking for more material.

You won’t find a more marketable set of sculptures than the set Joe teaches in Balloon School!

Entrepreneurs looking for a way to make a living doing something fun and exciting!

This isn’t just an instructional DVD set. Joe’s tips on getting hired, cold-calling, and maximizing your income make it a powerful business tool that has the power to change your future.

You’ll Learn

The Tools – The Techniques – The Basics to the Advanced

The Tools:

The Balloons
How to select the ones you’ll use, properly blow them up, tie them efficiently, and care for them in between gigs.

The Pump
How to select one that works for you.

The Apron
Design a performance apron to comfortably transport all of your gear!

The Techniques:

The Bubble
The starting line. Just latex and air. It doesn’t get any simpler than this. But if you don’t know how the pros do it, even the bubble can be a challenge.

The Match
The secret to making two bubbles the same size.

The Lock
The key to locking two bubbles together so they’ll hold position.

The Loop
A very useful tool because you can make it pretty much any size you want.

Pin Holing The Balloon
Technique to deflate the balloon mid-sculpture, this gives you tremendous control.

The Pinch-twist (The Teddy Bear Ear)
Joe says this is the most valuable of all the fundamental techniques…

The Heart Manipulation
Who says diamond’s are a girl’s best friend? This technique gets a lot of use–especially on Valentine’s Day.
The Poodle Tail – This technique is fun and easy, and it makes your poodle look like he just won a dog show. Also makes antennae look great!

Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Nose, Headlights, Spots, Etc.
How to add the finishing features to your balloon sculptures.

The Basic Nine Balloon Sculptures:

Quick and easy to make, you’ll master this popular sculpture in no time!

An easy variation on the dog, highly recognizable, and great for kids.

The easiest balloon you’ll ever make.

Pretty simple, great looking, and fun to give! Does not require water.

A little more difficult, but you’re ready for this GREAT giveaway!

Love is in the AIR!

A beautiful, impressive, and lifelike sculpture. A very popular request!

Teddy Bear
Slightly more difficult, but worth the effort. This is a CROWD PLEASER.

Cat (Tiger)
Great for kids. No litter box required!

Advanced Balloons:

These are Joe’s Most Requested Advanced Sculptures!

How to construct GIANT SCULPTURES
Joe regularly gets hired to create life-size promotional sculptures. Where do you start when you want to make a life-size 57 Chevy out of balloons? Joe breaks it down step-by-step and helps you get started creating these unique and EXTREMELY MARKETABLE works of art.

Please note: All advanced sculptures feature an in-depth, over-the-shoulder recap.

Palm Tree
A cool and impressive sculpture on it’s own AND a great sculpture to build on. Can sit on a table!


Monkey on Palm
Great for men, women, kids, EVERYONE!

Teddy Bear on Heart
If you’re working on Valentines Day you’ll make this sculpture hundreds of times!

Man with Sword, Baseball Player, Hockey Player, Golfer, Soccer Player, Basketball Player.
One of the most requested and versatile balloons. Great for boys!

This is a favorite with the ladies! It’s a highly detailed balloon and it comes with Joe’s highest recommendation.

Baseball Cap
Adults and teens LOVE hats. This will be one of your most requested sculptures!

Jester’s Hat
This crazy cap gets HUGE laughs. Especially popular at birthday parties!

Advanced Butterfly
Women LOVE this one.

Ladybug (Turtle)
Women LOVE this one EVEN MORE!

Motorcycle (Man/Woman/Monkey on Motorcycle)
Here’s another fantastic balloon for the guys. It’s a MUST-HAVE for you as a working professional.

Diamond Ring
One of Joe’s most frequently requested balloons. Couples ask for this one all the time!

This is one people will challenge you with all the time. Joe’s chicken looks AWESOME, and yours will too.

This one makes a GREAT opener!

GIANT Five Balloon Tiger
This one blows people away!

Steps to Success:

The Business side of Balloon Entertainment

How to Make Money as a Balloon Artist
If you’re ready to GO PRO, you’ll love Joe’s advice on restaurant work, the difference between working in corporate owned restaurants V. “mom and pop” shops, birthday parties, what to charge, and a few words on agencies.

Once You’re Making Money, How to Maximize your Income
Creating a buzz, generating positive word-of-mouth, networking, building rapport with your clients, customer service and sales tips, LIVE FOOTAGE of Joe making cold calls, and Joe’s book recommendations.

Dealing with Rejection
Joe gels to it naturally, but here’s a pep talk and some tips that make sure you don’t let rejection get you down.

Dealing with Hecklers
It’s gonna happen. Here are Joe’s guidelines on how to handle the situation. No one-liners here because every situation is different.

Bonus Material

Inserting Objects Into Balloons
Imagine giving a prospect your phone number this way!

Performance Montage
See Joe live in action as he becomes “The Balloon Guy” and works the Las Vegas Strip. See how he interacts with the kids, the parents, and everyone in between!

What Others Are Saying About Balloon School:

Hats off to Joe Montella!

I got this DVD a loong time ago, maybe like, a year and a half, I watched it sometimes and I didn’t own any balloons, but since there was this 5 for 99-deal I added this, because you never know when you need this. A couple of weeks ago I finally decided to start off with balloon sculpturing, so I bought myself some 260’s and the balloon-pump Joe recommended in the DVD, and yesterday I received the balloons in the mail, and I thought at first it was going to be very difficult, but no, it wasn’t all that difficult. Maybe you have a little bit of trouble in the beginning, but once you learn all the basics, you can do almost anything. Joe is a great teacher and he doesn’t leave anything out! He’s maybe a little too quick on how to do all the sculptures, but he said that before he started, so it’s OK. great thing DVD players have a pause-button. 😉 Thank you Joe for this absolutely outstanding DVD! oh, and one last thing for everyone else: ADD TO CART!

It changed my life!

Ok I watched this DVD and it helped me so much! I was so afraid of the balloons and got so much useful information! I was doing some face painting on the side and this DVD has helped me morph entertainment into my full time job! People are so impressed with the things I learned from this and I get repeat business. Thank you Joe! You changed my life!!

It’s Great!

It is a great investment and you learn quickly!

Great Fun

If you have young kids, get this dvd.


THIS IS THE BEST DVD EVER!!! Doesn’t matter if its not ur style, or doesn’t fit in with what u do. You will find this dvd EXTREMELY helpful, it is soooo easy to learn, u will impress ANYBODY!! BUY IT NOW!! WORTH YOUR MONEY

This is a prerequisite!

I am impressed. This DVD is just the shot in the arm I needed to get my balloon venture going. It s just like personal training, and Joe gives you the inspiration you need. Balloons can open doors (bookings) to your other talents. No Clown stuff here! Highly recommended.


This DVD is amazing. Joe does a great job, teaching and showing you how to make different objects. The whole DVD is easy to understand- and is JAM PACKED full of great knowledge- this DVD is under priced!! If you want to make money, with little investment- this is one of the best ways to do it. I have had people ask me “do you do balloon animals, along with your magic?” and i said “no”……… BOY was I missing a huge market!! GLAD THEY ASKED- Because I realized the potential money I was missing! BUY THIS DVD NOW!!!! PAY FOR EXPRESS SHIPPING!!!! ALL WORTH IT!!!!!!!!

Oh Man!!!!

Joe is a genius! I ordered this DVD a couple days ago and I am highly satisfied! I’m only 12 and already I have made so much money. If you want to make a money and want to amaze your friends get this now! Order to Cart!!!!!!!!!

simply the best

There is nothing like this DVD.

Awesome DVD! The best!

This DVD teaches so much that it’s hard to remember everything that is taught in it. The teaching is great, and when it comes to the difficult balloons, there is an over the shoulder cam, and he goes through the balloon making process step by step, and makes sure you can keep up with him. The only thing I didn’t like about this DVD, is that occasionally Joe wouldn’t show how much air was supposed to be in the balloons he was tying, so you have to look closely at how much extra uninflated balloon is left at the tip. Other than that this balloon DVD is awesome! Well worth the price! I bought this DVD just wanting to be able to make the darn poodle and sword that those clowns are always making, but I came out being able to make a mermaid, a woman on a motorcycle, and even crazier sculptures. Even if you are into magic and think you aren’t really interested in balloon tying, get this DVD anyway. Why? Because if you can make your friends a monkey on a palm tree in like, 2 minutes, they are gonna be floored and probably take a picture of it. Balloons impress people just as much, if not more than magic tricks, because it shows true talent.


i have the dvd, and he teaches you how to do the things in detail! It’s so cool! The only reason why i took down one star is because i was hoping to learn GIANT sculptures, but all he says is “don’t give up, you just have to think about it and make it happen” IT WAS GREAT!!!

One of my best purchases

I wasn’t sure if this DVD was worth the money and I put off buying this at first because of the cost. I’m glad that I finally spent the money and bought this DVD because now I can make balloon sculptures. A balloon sculpture book would be cheaper but trust me you would have a hard time learning balloon sculpturing from a book. Joe save you a lot of time, money and aggravation with this DVD. He covers everything that you need to know. If you buy this DVD make sure that you buy a bag of Qualatex 2″x60″ Balloons and the Qualatex Single Action Hand Pump that Joe Montella recommends. Penguin Magic sells both of them here on their website. You will need both of these to follow along with the DVD. Balloons are hard to blow up with your mouth and the majority of people will NOT be able to blow up these balloons with their mouth.

Watch the DVD with your balloons and hand pump close by because you will need them and will be using them a lot when learning the techniques and making the Basic Nine Balloon Sculptures. In case you don’t know, just about everybody loves balloon sculptures especially women and kids. One of my best purchases.


Balloon School is the best balloon DVD out there. Joe’s teaching is perfect. He teaches from the ground up in the perfect order. He teaches a wide variety of balloons with the advanced balloons having an over-the-shoulder recap on each. For the people who say Joe doesn’t give precise measurements: balloons aren’t about making exact measurements, it’s about entertainment. As long as you have the rough estimates on a balloon, you’re set. Joe’s teaching is more than excellent. You cannot fault this DVD.

Thank you

This dvd started off my career in balloon sculpting. I knew some stuff but this blew me away. I now am a professional balloon sculptor with a large client base. If you just listen to Joe you will succeed in this fantastic business. I really can not thank Joe enough for giving me this gift.

Excellent resource

This is the best balloon sculpture dvd I have found. It really takes you from beginner to pro. I had never been that interested in balloon sculpture until i realized that I could make money at it. This dvd shows you how. The business section is probably the most valuable part. I honestly never thought I would ever be able to make anything better than a weiner dog, but every time I make the mermaid I actually impress myself. This stuff is too cool.

Best teaching

This is way better than learning from youtube. Joe teaches you every move very clearly and thoroughly. The section on large sculptures is not really a section and that’s a bit of false advertisement – but I’ve learnt and retained about 10 balloons so far and every party I do I hand out balloons as prizes for the kids, and after the show be prepared to get asked by every kid for a balloon animal because Joe’s balloons are awesome! The most commonly requested and easiest to make too is the ladybug bracelet. So easy! So much fun

All things considered, very good value for money

Well, the title says it all really. Joe does a thorough job of taking the complete novice (me) through all the steps needed to start creating funky balloon animals, flowers etc. He has valuable tips about which balloons to buy, how to prepare them, blow them up, even which pumps to use and not to use. My only criticism is Joe’s appalling ‘hairstyle’- he appears to have lost a fight with some hairgel, a violent raccoon and a dead spider. This was a particularly good deal with ‘coolbox’. Buy it if you want to start entertaining with balloons!


Balloon creations are welcome in most any party or presentation. Kids and adults alike enjoy the performance of making the balloon as much as getting one. I can say this dvd is over 4 hours of real cool looking rubber art. Joe is one talented magician that is very entertaining. I would say if I only had one choice 2 learn balloon work this will get you to a pro level Balloonologist in a very short time. Thanks Joe. 5 star real time street performance with great reactions.


Un DVD Indispensable! Tout ceux qui veullent apprendre sérieusement la sculture sur ballon. A acheter absolument!!!


best balloon dvd

Ok, this DVD is quite expensive but from my point of view it is worth each single dollar. If you want to start with balloon twisting this is maybe the best way to get the basics explained. Additionally to the basics you also see nice advanced figures like the mermaid and the chicken. I started with this DVD my balloon twisting and I can tell you this got me quickly to enjoy my family and friends!


Ok, FIVE WHOPPING STARS! Joe Montella took the time and patience making a tutorial should have. His explanations for everything were incredibly accurate and he took exactly the right steps for teaching. I’ve been working with Balloons since the early 90’s as an “EXTRA” in my Magic Performances. I started with (and still use) Captain Visuals Balloon Book. When I saw Joe’s Preview Video I thought I’d be wasting money buying this DVD, but as soon as I started watching my Download Version I was completely satisfied. Looking at Balloons from his mind’s eye (sculpting) has shown me a different light and will make balloonary something more in my performances. GET THIS DVD! You will not be disappointed (oh yeah, buy a bunch of balloons too, sold here, 260Q’s and 160Q’s, LOTS) and you will learn a LOT from this guy. Hats off to you Joe and all the best wishes for you out there!

So Easy to learn!

There is so much value to this dvd! I got it in this week and the day after I got it I was making hearts, dogs, giraffes, and swords for all the kids at my school. The girls love it especially. A girl who I hadn’t talked to in about 3 years asked me to make her a heart at lunch when she saw I was making one for another girl. Also that same day on the bus one of my friends was feeling down because her grandpa wasn’t doing well and so I made her a balloon animal and she was laughing and smiling! It is so easy to do.. and it is very fun to learn. Now I am making more advanced structures like mermaids and teddy bears all within a week! If you want a great way to make friends, money, or both get this dvd! You may want to get another pack of balloons. Type in 260 in the search box and you will find a pack of 100. I personally need more than 100.. Great dvd! Well taught! Easy to learn! Add to cart! You won’t regret it!!!


This far exceeds all expectations I had for this. This DVD is very well put together, visually appealing, easy to understand, and by far the best magic DVD I have seen in my life. Buy now!!!

Nice One

I tell you, this DVD is great. It teaches you basics: The pinch twist, the lock, the match lots of stuff. Then it goes over the basic 9. Trust me, I went to school only knowing swords, hearts, dogs, flowers. These can get you by. If you’re a pro/going to become one buy this DVD. I’ve had this DVD 4/5 days and can make all the basic 9 plus 1/3 of the advanced ones. The man is so useful, make Jedi :p baseball players (not so good for here in the UK), basketball. The man alone is about another 10 figures – Use your imagination! This is a great DVD. After you learn the advanced ones, you could go out and get a job no problems.

5 Stars!!

This is the greatest DVD ever. Period. ADD TO CART!


Become a pro in weeks

This DVD is amazing it has a huge wealth of knowledge. You can be doing these balloon sculptures in a matter of days. It really isn’t that hard. Joe Montella is a good teacher, just be prepared to watch his explanations over since he goes quick. If you want to do balloons, get this DVD

Buy it!

Great DVD. Joe does a great job. I twisted balloons at my five year olds birthday party and the girls went nuts for the mermaids! Neighbours were using words like “amazing” and “that is a work of art”. Thanks Joe. This DVD will turn you into a balloon artist in no time.

My New Business

This dvd launched a new business for me. Thanks Joe Montella and Penugin Magic. Everywhere I go I get requests to “twist” I own many magic dvds but this one tops them all. I watch it over and over to perfect my sculptures and have even branced out into making my own creations using the advice given on the video.


This DVD is awesome! I made a heart for a girl I liked and she flipped out! Lost one star because there isn’t much business side to it. Good over all.

Excelente DVD

Este DVD es excelente. Joe te enseña a hacer lo que quieras con globos. Parte explicando los movimientos básicos hasta hacer las estructuras más avanzadas.
Por ahí un tipo alegaba que el Joe no dice con cuanto aire inflar cada globo, o cuantos cms. dejar en la cola. Está bien al principio puede ser util, pero mirando el globo al principio tu más o menos ve cuanto deja. Además él te enseña a que hacer si te queda mucho o poco aire, y por último, después del segundo tercer intento ya aprendes cuando hay que poner según cada figura. Si vas a ser profesional, no vas a anda midiendo a cada momento.
El DVD viene además con tips de como generar dinero, como lidear con el publico, muchos consejos sobre la globo flexia, en fin, es magnífico. 100% Recomendable. Vale su precio… 50 dólares no es nada comparado con todo lo que entrega.

Thanks Joe!

Tremendous DVD. Great teaching. Can’t get enough of it. More business aspects would be appreciated but still very solid. I’m gonna try to make a name for myself and maybe even start my own business. Thanks for this gem of a dvd!


This may be one of the best things that I have ordered.

Great Content

This dvd is really great! Joe teaches you loads and loads of cool things. I had been twisting balloons for a few years but not really knowing the technique. This dvd not only teaches right from beginner to expert but it teaches detailed technical aspects and different angles to help you. Slightly long-winded sometimes but it’s a great dvd and a must have if you twist balloons!

Just what i needed!

I am a restaurant magician, and I took one month to learn off this dvd. I had another 3 dvd set, but I got this because it looked so much more simplified. It was perfect. People can’t believe that I’ve only been doing balloons for such a short time.

Pleasantly Surprised

I wouldn’t have purchased this before… but now I can’t recommend it enough. I got this as a free bonus. This is by far one of my favorite DVD’s on Balloon’s. I have 4 others and not even 1 of them comes close to teaching the techniques and sculptures like this one does. I highly recommend this for anyone just beginning or and experienced balloon artist. I definitely learned a lot from this and I’ve been ballooning for 14 years.

Worth every Penny

This is the best DVD that you will ever get in balloons. it could not be any better. ADD TO CART.

Best Beginner Balloons

Great dvd. Good base for balloon knowledge. This one dvd will get you ballooning and making money. I bought this out of curiosity and gained a wealth of knowledge. Highly recommended!!

The perfect start for ballooning.

Bought this without ever having made balloon animals before (apart from making a dog once when I was a kid), and really never even putting much thought into doing so. Now a few weeks after getting this, I’ve already done a birthday party with plenty more on the way, and have been asked to make them at a big fund raiser in a couple weeks. The skills you learn on this dvd will so quickly have you making way more impressive balloon animals than you probably knew existed. By the time you go through the techniques section, it is fairly limitless what you can make with some imagination. There are plenty of designs taught here (and are taught very well), but even if what you want to make isn’t detailed here, it isn’t hard to figure out how to make what you want using the loops and twists that you learn. If balloon twisting sounds at all like something you’d be interested in doing, pick this dvd up.

Awesome teacher, fantastic balloon designs

I love watching Joe work. In the promo video he comes across a little mechanic, but after watching a couple of hours I can see that it was just some bad footage – he is genuine, nice, enthusiastic, and a great sculptor. If you want to learn balloons to begin doing business, add another service to your entertainment business, or you just want to learn as a hobby, this is a great purchase. I use YouTube to learn additional designs, but this was a great resource to learn a wide variety of excellent designs and build a solid foundation.

Fantastic instructional training DVD!

I bought this DVD with the intention of using this purely for personal pleasure…. And now I use what I’ve learned for the pleasure in just seeing the smiles on kids as I make the balloon scuptures,…per requests. You start off as an amatuer…but by the end of the DVD you are making some pretty amazing sculptures and the more you practice, the more second hand it becomes. Whether you want to perform for business or pleasure this is the BEST instructional DVD I’ve seen…. Great job, Joe! ADD TO CART!

Balloon School

The DVD is a relief. I am more visually inclined when it comes to learning certain things. I do love books, but the DVD sped me through the basics right up to the more advanced balloon twisting.



Balloon school is an amazing DVD. It is the best DVD I have bought. Joe is a great teacher, he starts out slow and increases in speed as you continue. The camera angles are great. The pump and the free balloons are a great add on. All I can say is that I had no experience and was doing many sculptures as he was explaining and they were perfect! THANKS JOE!


This is an excellent DVD, like the other guys, I was really surprised at how good it was. Joe doesn’t hold back, he really does teach everything you need to know so you can start pumping out hearts and motorbikes like there’s no tomorrow! I’ve bought a lot of stuff, but this is the best DVD ever, and it’s a change from card and coin tricks which is good too. I recommend getting into balloons and I recommend this DVD as a must buy!


This is by far, the best DVD I have ever bought! Joe teaches it great, I was able to do almost everything after the first three days! Add to cart!

Balloon School

This has to be one of the best DVD’s I have ever bought! Joe teaches you how to make every animal in detail, and even tells you how you can make money off of balloon sculpting. For a beginner, or someone who wants to be a professional, this is a great DVD for you. 🙂 ADD TO CART! 😀

Don’t Buy This

Please don’t buy this DVD. I want to keep this stuff to myself. . . but seriously. This is the best Balloon sculpting DVD ever. The Teddy Bear, Monkey, and “Basic Man” are worth the price. It paid for itself the first time I went out to do it.

Worth the money!

As I’ve performed magic, someone would occasionally ask if I knew how to twist balloons. Until now, the answer has always been no. After seeing the preview, I became curious about balloon twisting. I bought the DVD and haven’t looked back. The simple fact is people love balloon animals. This DVD teaches you how to do it all.

One question I had when I bought this DVD was, “Is it worth the money?” The answer is yes. I am now hooked on balloons and I have been searching across the Internet for more balloon books and videos. Other videos that are only one hour long cost $ 30 or more. Books that teach you only half as many sculptures with pictures cost just as much. I have yet to come across another video or DVD that has as much content as this video at such a low price. It is Definitely worth the money.

If you’re looking to add some extra value to your performances or just want to learn a little bit about balloons, I cannot think of any better way to start.


I got the DVD about three months ago, but I’ve been learning. I am 13 years old and before this was scared of balloons (popping). I got the DVD. I made the dog FIRST TIME. The moves are easy. You gain confidence in about three days. I am making PROFESSIONAL balloons, and I am getting KILLER reactions! Look through the reviews – any bad ones? The proof is in the pudding – if I can do it, SO CAN YOU! Best purchase ever!


Thank you Joe Montella you guys could have easily made this 2-discs but thanx for the great price and satisfaction. This DVD is what every magician needs. I thought it was great and he gives you amazing advice

So much fun.

I had always been mildly interested in making some balloon sculptures but never bothered to actually sit down and try to learn. I got this in the mail and now I can’t stop. I was shocked frankly at how easy it actually is to make really cool balloon animals. All you need to know is about 3 techniques and then 2 others that are slight variations of the original 3. So 5 or maybe 6 “moves” total. My first attempt at a monkey came out just about perfect and get this: it REALLY looks like a monkey, especially the head, and there are over 20 sculptures. If you want to learn balloons I can hardly imagine anything that could be more useful.

Best Balloon Training out on the market!

Joe is extremely easy to follow, a lot of time AND effort was put into this DVD. I got it from a friend and watch it on my computer everyday! Thank you Joe for creating a DVD that teaches Beginners that want to become PRO’s, PRO’s and “Hobbyists”. This is BETTER than all of the magic out there because there are nothing you can “Hide”.


Reputation Maker

Everyone loves balloons, everybody! Unlike magic, balloon sculpturing allows the spectator to take something home that was made for them. Another positive of this is that you can put your business card in them! Joe is a great teacher and will help you as much as he helped me. This will get you remembered and thus build your reputation.

The best out there.

At fifty bucks for a dvd I was skeptical about buying this. However, I really wanted to add on this particular skill set to my shows. Joe goes over the material very well, and the over-the-shoulder recap is awesome. The DVD has a lot of material on it, covering more than just making balloon animals. You get to see him in action, and he discusses some aspects of the business. The DVD was very well produced. From the menu to Joe’s entertaining nuances as he describes how to make the balloons. I daresay this is one if not the most popular thing I do at kids shows.


There is soo much material on this DVD! If you are even the slightest bit interested in balloon animal making, then you need to get this DVD! Joe Montella goes into grave detail explaining the ins-and-outs of balloon making. Not only does he teach a vast number of different animals, he even goes over the business side of making balloon animals and how you can make money doing this type of work. Overall, this was a fantastic DVD and I highly recommend it!

The Best Balloon DVD. Period!

This is the Best Balloon DVD out there for beginners new to balloon sculpting. Instruction is very… and I mean VERY clear and detailed. Theory provided is useful for beginners new to balloon sculpting. The DVD covers a lot of material and is over four hours long. When giving lessons on Balloon Sculpting. After an initial lesson, I always recommend my students to purchase this DVD and watch through it. Note that he does not only cover the basics, but also go on to some slightly more complex balloons. This DVD is worth more than what it is selling for. Very highly recommended.

Must buy DVD

If you are a hobbyist or professional, you WILL learn from this DVD. I like that he goes into the aprons, pumps, and business side of balloon sculpting…not only the designs. The palm tree and monkey, chicken, and jester hat are some of my favorites. What REALLY helps is the over-the-shoulder cam in the instruction. This is a great aid when learning!!! All in all, this is a GREAT DVD! I also highly, highly recommend Joe Lefler’s 3 volume balloon set.

Covers it all, from A to Z

Joe takes you from beginner to MASTER ballon sculptor. There is soo much material on this DVD! Joe teaches a vast number of balloon figures and even goes over the business side of making balloon animals in restaurants and gigs.


Phenomenal Introduction to balloon art and sculpture. After viewing this dvd and practicing the basics, advancement on your own creations comes almost natural! I do wish that there was some explanation on making human face caricatures, but that may be too advanced for this dvd. If you like balloon animals and you would like to entertain others with making wonderful balloon creatures, buy this dvd its fantastic!

As a beginner i LOVED it!

I read a few reviews that were a little negative but after watching the video i was very happy and satisfied with what i learned. I have never done balloons before and after watching the video i feel like i have a very solid starting place. I did think that his “in action clips” were a little awkward but I still loved everything he had to show!

Buy This One

This video teaches the basics,so I would recommend it for beginning twisters but advanced twisters should benefit too. The diamond ring is great,pretty easy to learn but like he says if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing you can get lost. This happened to me as I was practicing it. But once you get it down, you can make it in about 10 min or less. Most of the other stuff I already knew. But I still enjoyed it anyhow. The footage of him in action is an added plus.


I do magic at a restaurant and adding balloons to my arsenal really DID double my income, they’re not just saying that! This DVD goes in-depth and teaches you everything from the very basics (how to blow up and tie the balloon) to huge balloon sculptures. It may seem kind of expensive, but when you see how much is taught (and how well it is taught) you will be glad you spent the money.