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This series of eleven eBooks from Peter Turner’s Mentalism Masterclass is fascinating and will enlighten you on the topic of mentalism. Peter Turner’s amazing thinking on an eclectic assortment of mentalism topics can make you into an expert and versatile mentalist. He covers the psychology of mentalism, along with several very clever routines and techniques that will enhance your abilities. Topics you will learn about include psychological forces, readings, billet peeks, drawing duplications, telephone effects, character building, and so much more.

Includes the following eBooks:

– Volume 1 Psychological Playing Card Forces
– Volume 2 Readings
– Volume 3 Dual Reality
– Volume 4 Billets
– Volume 5 Drawing Duplications
– Volume 6 Numbers
– Volume 7 Psychological Forces
– Volume 8 Character Building and Storytelling
– Volume 9 Star Sign Divination
– Volume 10 Observational Mentalism
– Volume 11 Hypno Effects

If you’re into mentalism, this eBook series is for you!


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