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This Encyclopedic Book of Almost 500 Large Format Pages Will Reveal to you exactly how to become a Financially Successful Psychic & Paranormal Entertainer able to Reveal Peoples Past, Presents and Futures with great Accuracy.

You’ll also learn enough Original, Unique and Mind Blowing Mentalism Psychic Style Mind Reading Routines to be able to present a complete Show.

If you’ve ever seen psychics like Derek Acorah, Colin Fry or John Edwards on TV and wondered ‘How do they do that?’ then wonder no more as this book “Cold Reading & Mentalism For The Psychic Entertainer” exposes the truth and teaches you real world “Cold Reading” techniques, which will make you look like a truly genuine Clairvoyant!

Perhaps you’ve been amazed by the Powers of Psychic Metal Bender Uri Geller or Spiritual Healers like Mathew Manning or even Evangelical Preachers such as Benny Hinn and want to know how they might be performing their apparent miracles?

Well now for the first time in print, Dr. Jonathan Royle examines ways to duplicate all of these Psychic Type Stunts, and along the way he’ll even teach you how to Hypnotise Animals and become a Master of Derren Brown Style Mind Control Feats.

For many years Royle worked as a “genuine” Psychic and was featured extensively in International Media and on Top TV Shows and now he is ready to lift the lid and expose his tried, tested and proven to work approaches of Psychic Belly Button Reading, Healing & Mind-Reading, along with Paw Reading for Dogs (Pawology), Tree Slapping, Hose Pipe & Tea Bag Readings and other Bizarre forms of fortune telling with which he had the Experts fooled!

You will also of course learn how to give more conventional readings with Palmistry, Numerology and Tarot Cards. Indeed British national newspaper “The Sunday People” described Royle’s Psychic abilities in a 1996 article as “uncannily accurate” and in the early 90’s Psychic News dubbed him as “The New Uri Geller & Doris Stokes rolled into one”.

Whilst Royle freely admits that all the Psychics mentioned here may actually be genuine, he is also aware of how their feats can be duplicated with trickery and clever psychology and that’s exactly what he teaches you within the pages of this dynamite book!

Using the Secrets this book contains, Royle has been featured in International Media doing amazingly accurate Psychic readings for such people as Princess Diana, The Spice Girls, Claudia Schiffer, Madonna, Cher, Olympic Swimmer Sharon Davis, Boxer Frank Bruno and numerous other A-List celebrities.

And as an added bonus Royle also explains Numerous Mind Reading Routines & the Secrets this book contains on obtaining Massive TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine Publicity are worth many times the cost of this book alone to any Magician, Mentalist, Fortune Teller or Showbiz Performer!

And as A Special Bonus there are Numerous Methods Explained for performing the Legendary “Holy Grail of Mentalism” – A.C.A.A.N – The Berglas Effect, Any Card At Any Number.

There’s enough material within these pages to base your entire Career on, the fact is within the pages you’ll learn every technique Royle has used over the years to enable him to Travel the Globe and be featured on TV & Radio Shows and in National and International Newspapers and Magazines all Over The World.

This is without doubt the best value for money Mentalism & Cold Reading book available on the market today and more importantly contains nothing but materials, secrets, techniques and insider strategies that have all been tried, tested and proven to consistently work in the real world.

Within the pages of this massive manual you will also find all of Royles Previously Published works on Mentalism including:

*ANORAK by Robert Temple

*The Holy Grail of Mentalism by Stuart Cassels

*Royles Ultimate Mentalism Routine.

*Klear Thoughtz Mentalism

*Confessions of a Celebrity Psychic

Pages: 479 – 8.25″ x 11.7″ – PDF FORMAT


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