What others are saying about us

“Excellent selection of playing cards and fantastic customer service. It’s a bit of a drive from where I am, but it’s worth it and I’ll be back!” – Trista S.

“Amazing shop! Great selection, the kindest staff, stays fresh with new product. Perfect selections for a professional down to beginners!” – Danny H.

“This is a brick-and-mortar (obviously) magic shop where I could easily see David Blaine or Penn and Teller stop by when they’re in town… Bottom line: If you want that “kid-in-a-candy-store” feeling, go here.” – James I.

“This place is great! We were greeted immediately walking through the door. They blew both our minds away with some great tricks that we just had to buy! We spent a good 45 minutes in there and I ended up with a great memory with my son and we left with some great friends!” – Trista S.

“my son loved it. I thought i would end up spending a fortune on magic tricks for my son. Turns out Wacky Zacks had incredible reasonable prices even competitive with online stores i’d recommend taking a look around nice people too” – magic2you

“Awesome brick and mortar magic shop. Great people and Joe was awesome and full of advice and tips with some wonderful illusions to show us. Great time hanging out in the shop. Thanks for the centavo. Cheers and keep being magical.” – Matthew S.

“We purchased a private magic lesson through living social and were so pleased with the personal touch for our child! Their love for what they do shows in their instructions as well as how they do business. Many thanks, looking forward to many of your other specials that you will be promoting!” – Jeremy J.

“If you want to do a cool magic tricks you should go there.” – Weijung D.

“The staff are very polite and helpful. They have a great selection of products at very fair prices.” – Troy L.

“Thank you Joe for sending Ben and Zack to the Dragons Den grand opening their fantastic performers and gentlemen !!!!!!!!!” – David F.

“SOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!! I went into the shop and they have all different kind of jokes /pranks and really cool magic!!! The people there were really nice and funny… This is definitely a one of a kind fantastic place that so many people can enjoy. I’m definitely going back soon!” – Shannon M.

“great shop! My son came in for a trick and they spent so much time with him to make sure he knew how to do it. They were super helpful and I was surprised to get that kind of service since most places you are lucky to get a thank you. My son really liked the magician in there but I and I will be visiting for Christmas for sure!” – Lauren G.

“Thank you so much my kids loved it they had a great time.” – Stephanie R.

“Dope magic shop.” – the-magic-fimp

“I recently came into this shop and was amazed at the service I received. It was beyond what I expected and felt good to support a small local business. I got a magic lesson with my son’s birthday magic kit for free too! Can’t express my appreciation for the personal service and attention.” – magicfreak

“This is the best magic shop ever! The employees are nice, that performer J-Magic is amazing at Card magic, and the prices are more fair than any other magic shop I’ve seen! I think all magic shops should be as good as this one!” – iobject

“My husband and I purchased a Groupon to learn some card magic. Joe was awesom! We had such a great time! Thanks!” – Molly H.

“Awesome place and staff! Had a great time in there today with so.” – Tim M.

“Great Magic shop rare find these days!” – Kenny W.

“Friendly and helpful!” – Tom S.

“Very friendly.” – Benito G.

“We purchased a lesson package for my son because he loves magic, and he absolutely loves it so far! The shop is fun to walk into… It is evident that the owners take a lot of pride in their establishment, that they care a great deal about customer service… Highly recommended!” – Yelper Y.

“this place is a really great magic shop! the customer service was excellent, and that guy there jmagic was amazing with his sponge ball routine! i really liked how he gave his personal opinion on any trick i asked about, and he seemed to find the magic trick that best fit me, rather than what made the most money.” – narutorox

“MAGIC MEGA STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man im not sure what to say I love the shop they helped me SOOOOO much… I have been doing magic for 4+ years now… I was lucky to meet the owner… he has an AWESOME selection of magic and entertainment for beginners to pros. with prices that cant be beat!. 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Sexican

“Excellent selection of playing cards and fantastic customer service. It’s a bit of a drive from where I am, but it’s worth it and I’ll be back!” – Matt A.